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Tait McGregor

Hi there and welcome to my creative space!

First up, let me tell you about myself. Since the age of four, I’ve been holding willing audiences hostage all for the sake of a smile.  I started with small at-home plays that have progressed to over a decade’s worth of entertainment from dance and theatre performances to film and radio.

Rather than tell you about what I’ve worked on around the world, I want to tell you about where I want to be.

My combined work experiences are a product of my restless ambition, eagerness and investigation. At the age of 20, my dedication has gained me invaluable first-hand on film sets, behind radio mics, side stage at major festivals and even in trekking around a world-class mountain bike race in the middle of Wales. However, my curiosity and enthusiasm for the art of entertainment continues to drive me to uncovering my next adventure, whether that is in the director's chair, the actor’s den or in the ever-innovating industry of journalism.

Ultimately, I want my own Late Night show, and if I’ve learned anything from my years in this industry, it’s that you don’t get anywhere without telling people what you want. I’m also I firm believer in creating the content you want to see in this world, thus welcome to where I create what I want in order to one day grace your screens from my studio in NYC. This is the beginning. Jump on board.