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Tait McGregor

Hey Taiters, welcome to my creative space!

I’m a 22-year-old Brisbane-born Sydneysider, cutting my teeth in journalism and content creation, all for the sake of your smile. Here you can check out my articles, interviews, gig reviews and more, while I navigate my way through the entertainment industry.

From TV to radio, sweaty mosh pits to pristine red carpets, I’m dedicated to bringing you to the front row of some amazing events and showcase some even more incredible local talent.

Ultimately, I want my own Late Night show *cue the Tait Night Show* and if I’ve learned anything from my time in this industry, it’s that you don’t get anywhere without telling people what you want. I’m also a firm believer in creating the content you want to see in this world, so welcome to where I create what I want in order to one day grace your screens from my studio in NYC. Can’t wait to experience this wild ride with you all.